Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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Our Presenters

Our Roots

Jeremy Lambshead, Executive Director

​Heather Hudson, Executive Assistant

Jordan Gottlieb, Tech Support

Randie Gottlieb, Ed.D.
UnityWorks founder, educator,

diversity trainer, author, poet

Steven Gottlieb, M.D., MSPH 

Pediatrician, former Medical Officer - 

National Health Service, photographer 

Beth Shevin, MIB
Real estate business manager, marathon runner, community volunteer

Jonathan Gottlieb, M.D.
Emergency room physician, musician, singer/songwriter

Lorenzo Alvarado

High school Assistant Principal,

award-winning educator

Ester Huey

Retired bank executive and non-profit director, community volunteer

Victor Nourani

Middle school Principal, active Rotarian​

​​​The photo below shows members of the

first EMPIRE Leadership Team in 1994.  

These pioneering educators helped to create 

the EMPIRE Program, which serves as the inspiration for the UnityWorks Program today.

Front row, L>R: Marsha Ann Pastrana, Bertha Ortega, Randie Gottlieb. Back row: assistant,

Patsy Whitefoot, Pat Whitfield, Anita Swan. 

Our Community Advisors


Meet the Board

Our Administrative Team

*  Peter Choi: local business owner, Crazy Cow Ice Cream
*  ​​​Latasha Larez: teacher, Harrah Elementary School, poet
*  Rosemary Leiva: high school Spanish teacher, retired
* ​​ Dr. Cheryl Young: retired science professor, space geologist
*  Maria Cuevas: Chicano/a Studies instructor, Yakima Valley College
* ​ Steve Mitchell: Executive Director, OIC of Washington
*  Joddi-Jay Babcock: Director of Life Choices, Zonta Club President
*  ​David Morales: attorney, Northwest Justice Project

The UnityWorks Foundation was established in 2013 by members of the Gottlieb-Shevin family who saw a critical need for training and educational resources designed to promote understanding of the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity and the need for unity. We are pleased to be joined by additional board members who value these same goals. Together, we are committed

to building an inclusive organization that will serve as a model of unity in diversity. 

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