Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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Ngobe-Bugle school teachers from Panama,

with UnityWorks founder, Dr. Randie Gottlieb (R)

Why Unity?

A world without unity is not sustainable.

The human race faces a multitude of seemingly unsolvable problems including widespread poverty, malnutrition, war, disease, climate change, economic instability, health inequities, gender inequality and deep-rooted prejudice.  

Particularly damaging is racial prejudice. Although great strides have been made, racism still pervades the institutions of our society and holds a strong grip on individual hearts and minds.  Many children already hold negative stereotypes of other racial and ethnic groups by the time they enter first grade. 

While we might make some progress addressing each of these issues separately, UnityWorks believes that they are only pieces of a larger puzzle—symptoms of the primary disease afflicting society:  the disunity of the human race.

We believe that a fragmented approach is itself part of the problem, and that unity is a prerequisite for achieving the
​well-being, peace and security of all the earth’s inhabitants.

​As a united humanity, we will have the capacity to develop positive and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us, and provide a firm foundation on which to build a prosperous and peaceful world.

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UnityWorks is a national nonprofit educational organization committed to a belief in the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity. ​Our mission is to promote cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding, equity and inclusion, with a focus on K-12 schools. 

We work primarily with teachers, school administrators and community leaders, offering professional development, educational resources and ongoing support. ​Our goals are

to increase equity and reduce prejudice, promote culturally responsive teaching, close achievement and opportunity gaps, foster an inclusive school culture, and build local capacity for positive multicultural change.

Our Mission