Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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Multicultural Conference
Planning Guide
Author: Randie Gottlieb

65 pages, paperback

This booklet, designed to assist with planning a local UnityWorks conference, is a useful tool for any group. The Planning Guide includes theme and program ideas, sample letters of invitation, fliers, schedules, recommendations for room setup, guidelines for moderators and presenters, registration instructions, a planning checklist, an evaluation form and other essential materials—everything you need to plan a successful multicultural conference.

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​​An effective diversity plan begins with an understanding of where we are now, a clear vision of where we want to be, specific

goals with measurable outcomes, and a step-by-step timetable

for achieving them. This booklet contains the tools and resources you need to develop an effective diversity plan for your school,

your district, university or other educational organization.

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Teaching Unity
A Guide for Parents
and Teachers
Author: Randie Gottlieb

ISBN: 978-0-9828979-9-7

306 pages​, paperback

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Designed for use with ages 8-12, this easy-to-use curriculum package contains a treasury ​of fun, hands-on learning activities on Unity, Diversity, Skin Color and Overcoming Prejudice. Four colorful PowerPoint programs, copy-ready student handouts, and Portraits of Humanity are included as free downloads with your purchase.

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UnityWorks Books

Creating a Successful
Diversity Action Plan
Author: Randie Gottlieb
17 planning documents

​​27 pages​, PDF download only