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UnityWorks Team from Hoover Elementary School developing their plan

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Creating a Successful Diversity Action Plan

Our nation’s demographics are changing, and our educational institutions face a growing number of pressing diversity issues. We can welcome these changes as opportunities for growth, and respond by creating policies, structures and learning opportunities designed to promote equity and inclusion for all members of our school, district, university or other educational organization. This requires a plan. 

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  • Introduction and Contents
  • Creating a Successful Diversity Action Plan
  • Stages of Organizational Development
  • Multicultural Education Checklist
  • Dominant and Subordinate Groups
  • Team Visioning Exercise
  • What Can Our Organization Do?
  • But, There’s No Time for Multicultural Ed
  • Multicultural Web Resources
  • Sample Diversity Programs and Activities
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Diversity Action Planning Form

"Perfect resource for us to have as we embark on this new journey." 

Alejandra Rodriguez, Assistant Principal, Hoover Elementary School

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An effective diversity plan begins with an assessment of your organization’s current status, and its vision of the future with regard to equity and inclusion. It contains specific goals with measurable outcomes, and a timetable for achieving them. The following materials were prepared for use with our UnityWorks trainings and are included with this download packet to assist you in creating an effective Diversity Action Plan.

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Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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What's Included?
17 planning documents

​​27 pages​, PDF download