Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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​​​Promoting Diversity Through Education

​March, 2015 | Spotlight Charity

Practical programs aimed at teaching our youth the value of uniqueness and unity empower our culture. It builds a foundation of understanding and cooperation which will produce a more harmonious future in a global society.

UnityWorks of Yakima, Washington, teaches people about the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity through practical programs that educate communities, educators and students.  READ MORE >

​​​Teaching Unity Receives IP Notable Award

​September 2014 | Independent Publisher Magazine

One world, one people. We all have our place. We are all in this together, as one. Guide children to this understanding, teaching tolerance, acceptance and ultimately, unity. These principles are just as important as the ABCs and the 123s. More than a principle, unity truly is a gift. Teaching Unity will give you the tools you need.  READ MORE >

​​Students and Teachers Receive Training

on Equality in Schools

August 14, 2015 | by Caitlin Wilson | NBC Right Now

YAKIMA, WA- As the school year approaches school districts are always looking for new ways to bring staff and students together. The Yakima School District is doing just that by helping their students and teachers better understand unity and how to bring different ethnicities together. 
Unity Works is an organization that works towards equality and this week they worked with teachers and students in Yakima. One teacher told us it's been eye opening learning about empowerment and equality.  READ MORE >

​​​Disciplinary data show Valley schools

are handling diversity well

​July 23, 2015 | by Rafael Guerrero | Yakima Herald

A Yakima schools program started last year to instill greater sensitivity to cultural and racial diversity appears to have paid off in the district’s showing on a new measure of effective discipline: Schools performed better than the state average in the fairness of their disciplinary actions.

...Nancy McHenry, Yakima’s student services director, said a program called UnityWorks has improved understanding of individual diversity through staff training, adopting culturally sensitive curriculum materials and other efforts.  READ MORE >

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