Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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This inspirational video uses beautiful images and simple lyrics to help us understand that "the sun shines on all, great and small" and that we should "wage peace not war, that's what we're fighting for" because "the earth we share is one."

The video was produced by our friend, Bill Fagan.

​You can view it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbFU7u7Zdm0

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Wage Peace
Music video (5 min.)
Music & lyrics, Bill Fagan

​Vocals, Mary Rebmann


We Are Drops video


Also known as the Hawaiian Unity Song. Children will love singing along with this 3-minute animated video, as they learn that we are all drops of one ocean, leaves of one tree, and flowers of one garden. The video was produced by our friend, Houcein Oualil (Walil), graphic designer from Rabbat, Morroco.

Come and join us…
In our quest for unity,
It’s a way of life for you and me!

We Are Drops
Video and Songsheet
36 MB (.wmv file) + PDF 

UnityWorks is pleased to offer you an assortment of low-cost digital downloads designed to promote understanding of the oneness of humanity, ​the value of diversity and the need for unity.

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You'll love this color photo collection with 45 stunning portraits of our brothers and sisters from around the world. These full-page photos may be viewed on a computer screen, projected, printed and laminated or framed and mounted on the wall.

Perfect for decorating your home or classroom. Great for talking with students about the oneness of humanity and the beauty of our diversity. (Free download with the Teaching Unity book.)

Portraits of Humanity
Color photographs
48-pages, PDF download

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