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​​​​"The National Center for Race Amity holds as a core strategy the goal of placing proven resources and blueprints in the hands of everyday professionals and lay people to engage cross-racial/cross-cultural understanding. The Multicultural Conference Planning Guide is a prize tool to engage that tactic. Brilliant!”
William H. “Smitty” Smith, Ed.D. 
Founding Executive Director
National Center for Race Amity

"Colorful, easy to read and understand, packed full of stimulating and thought-provoking activities. For anyone interested in organizing a multicultural conference...

this is one of the best investments you can make!”
Maria D. Cuevas, ABD

Chican@ Studies & Sociology Instructor
​Yakima Valley Community College

Multicultural Conference Planning Guide

This booklet, designed to assist with planning a local UnityWorks conference, is a useful tool for any group. It includes theme and program ideas, sample letters of invitation, fliers, schedules, recommendations for room setup, guidelines for moderators and presenters, registration instructions, a planning checklist, an evaluation form and other essential materials—everything you need to plan a successful multicultural conference. 

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Sample Pages
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a sample from the book. 

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Multicultural Conference
Planning Guide
Author: Randie Gottlieb

65 pages, paperback, $19.99

"An important tool you’ll

use again and again!” 

Dr. Cynthia Rekdal, Founder

and Executive Director
WA State Association for Multicultural Education


Your purchase includes a free download with selected pages from the book that may be edited to meet your local needs.

​​What People Are Saying About Our New Planning Guide

And From the Conference Participants

•    I loved the people, the content and the diversity!
•    I liked having students speak, having them involved.
•    I learned some great ways to create unity in our school.

•    I enjoyed hearing the personal stories of diverse people.
•    There is such a value in sharing ideas and experiences!
•    The UnityWorks schools are really doing some GREAT things!
•    It’s gratifying to see administrators, teachers and even students 

      taking a leadership role in unifying our community. There is hope!
•    Spread the word so more people learn what we’re doing here!

•    I feel confident that we are headed in the right direction. 
•    I was truly impressed and inspired!
•    UNITY WORKS !! 

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“This Multicultural Conference Planning Guide is long overdue! Covering the critical elements in organizing for this specialized event, the guide provides a practical, effective resource for the beginner as well as the seasoned multicultural conference planner. It’s an important tool you’ll use again and again!”

Dr. Cynthia Rekdal 

Founder and Executive Director
WA State Association for Multicultural Education (WSAME)

“Thorough in detail, packed with user-friendly suggestions 

and resources, invaluable to any conference planner!”
Kevin Kumashiro, Dean
School of Education
University of San Francisco

"Having worked with Dr. Gottlieb for many years on planning and delivering programs and trainings for educators, I am delighted

to see that she has summarized all her experience in a useful

and practical toolkit." 
Kathleen Ross, snjm, Ph.D.
Institute for Student Identity and Success
President Emerita, Heritage University