Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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We rely on contributions to support the training programs, site visits, multicultural conferences, development of new diversity resources, and ongoing assistance to our UnityWorks schools and community groups. These activities can only be sustained through the generosity of our sponsors. We thank you for your support of this growing effort

to promote the understanding of the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity.

John & Carmen Zorich
"We feel UnityWorks has great potential to become a force for good throughout the United States. Fanning the flames at our local level is a wonderful part of the process! Thank you for enabling us to be part of it. " 
MRS Investments

Thank you to our many individual donors!

"We are so proud that someone is doing something that can make a difference."

"We applaud your work and pray for the advancement of this vital program, which is one of the few really bright lights we can find in a world overwhelmed by disunity and tragedy.  It is ever more obvious that the teaching of unity to children is necessary if progress toward an advancing civilization is taken seriously as a goal." 

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Pari Bauman
Rory writes: "I am thrilled to see you putting out such an excellent message to the world. Keep up the good work." Beth is a member of the UnityWorks Board of Directors and a major inspiration for our efforts. We thank 
​the Shevin Family for their generous support!
Providing funds for worthy projects that benefit humanity.
Rory & Beth Shevin
UnityWorks has partnered with Microsoft, which, through its Citizenship program, is supporting our work to reduce prejudice and create unity ​in our community and beyond.
UnityWorks is excited to announce that we have just received a generous grant from the Yakima Valley Community Foundation. This grant will allow us to continue our race unity work in the public schools and to expand our pilot program in the Yakima area.

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation’s mission is to connect people, resources and ideas for thriving people and vibrant places. 
From our entire Board of Directors: Thank you, merci, gracias!!

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