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Participants from our October 2019 training

spring conference registration
spring conference registration

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Photos on this page courtesy of Steve Kruger, Leadership Yakima.

Exploring common stereotypes in society today

spring conference registration

.​"We truly appreciate your support of Leadership Yakima.

Your presentation is always one of the highlights!"

―Steve Kruger, Leadership Yakima​ Executive Committee

UnityWorks Lead Trainer, Dr. Randie Gottlieb, shares a humorous story.

From our annual Diversity Workshops for Leadership Yakima, Chamber of Commerce

Made possible by our funding partners: Group Health of Central WA, United Way, and the Rabbani Charitable Trust

UnityWorks Photo Gallery, p.13

Jar Demo​: One of many participatory training activities 

More great ideas from our UnityWorks site teams

Promoting the Oneness of Humanity