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Educators and community members from several districts joined us on October 15 for a full day of activities. Participants discussed the different experiences of mainstream and marginalized students, practiced some communication exercises, and defined culturally-responsive teaching. We also followed covid-19 safety protocols, with temperature checks at sign-in, masks and social distancing. 

From our annual Diversity Workshops for Leadership Yakima, Chamber of Commerce

Made possible by our funding partners: Group Health Foundation, United Way of Central WA, and the Rabbani Charitable Trust

spring conference registration
spring conference registration

Yakima City Prosecutors and staff attend a custom UnityWorks training

on Implicit Bias and Institutional Racism. ​The mission of the Prosecution Division is to "ethically pursue justice and greater public safety for the citizens of Yakima by professionally and efficiently prosecuting crime with Integrity, Equality and Consistency." UnityWorks applauds the Division for its proactive stance on these critical issues. Training topics included:

  • ​​Race, prejudice, unconscious bias and institutional racism
  • Some common stereotypes in society today
  • Colorblindness, microaggressions, intent vs impact, equity 
  • ​Racial disparities in arrest and conviction rates; suspect, victim and witness interviews; jury selection; charging, bail and pretrial recommendations; diversion, plea bargaining, and sentencing severity
  • Examining our policies and practices with a racial equity lens

Exploring common stereotypes in society today

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UnityWorks Lead Trainer, Dr. Randie Gottlieb, shares a humorous story.

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"We truly appreciate your support of Leadership Yakima. Your presentation is always one of the highlights!"

―Steve Kruger, Leadership Yakima​ Executive Committee (Photos courtesy of Steve Kruger)

UnityWorks Photo Gallery, p.13

Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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Anti-Bias Workshop for the City of Yakima Criminal Prosecution Division, Aug. 2020

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Jar Demo​: One of many participatory training activities 

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It may be hard to tell, but everyone is smiling for the photo! 

Culture and Communication Workshop, Yakima, October 2020

With appreciation to Group Health Foundation, United Way of Central WA, and the Rabbani Charitable Trust


Participants from our October 2019 training

"I received nothing but positive feedback about your

training. We are working on four projects as a result.

I had some Eureka moments... which always feels good!"

—Cynthia Martinez, Senior Assistant City Attorney

Participants LoriAnne Adams, Claudia Zepeda, Daria Kelsey (above)

Facilitator Randie Gottlieb (right)