UnityWorks presents at the National Race Amity Conference, November 2020

"Teaching Unity: Educating School Teachers about the Oneness of Humankind"

UnityWorks was honored to be part of an amazing lineup of speakers from around the country, including award-winning authors, artists, actors, journalists, filmmakers, government leaders, students and professors.

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"What a wonderful class this was!!" -Cindy Foster, 3rd Grade Teacher

Our six-hour “Diversity & Inclusion” workshop was held over three sessions with 25 participants, including 10 principals and assistant principals, teachers and other school staff, parents and community volunteers.

Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

We also welcomed two new co-facilitators: Cherlynn Stevens and Dawnée Valencia, along with our own Randie Gottlieb and Lorenzo Alvarado (photos above). 

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Our first online workshop! January 2021

"It’s small groups like us that will make a difference. Racism, classism, sexism...etc are part of us all I believe. Recognizing these biases, being honest about them and confronting them is the work."

Craig Church, Principal

Totem Falls Elementary School

Snohomish, WA

Session participants included teachers, librarians, parents and community leaders from Boston, California, Chicago, Florida and other parts of the U.S. A few of their comments are included below:

  • ​Powerful truths! 
  • I feel so encouraged about how we can reach children and teachers!
  • Uplifting presentation!
  • Very inspired!
  • Thank you both for bringing this wonderful program to us.
  • We will share what we learned with many others.
  • Positive energy!
  • Truly outstanding!
  • I hope you will take this program throughout our country.
  • Unity works!

What did you learn from this workshop?

* To speak up when needed, be aware of my own biases.

* To challenge my thinking and create a safe place for students to learn.

* How to best leverage my privilege to impact change for ALL my students.

* What I can do in my classroom to address systemic racism.

* Don't shy away from uncomfortable situations.

* Help my students recognize the oneness of humanity.

* To view everything I do with a social justice lens. 

* WE can make change as educators. Let's be brave and bold.

​​UnityWorks Board members Lorenzo Alvarado and Randie Gottlieb presented a very well-received talk on "Teaching Unity: Educating School Teachers about the Oneness of Humankind." Our live online presentation focused on: 

  • ​​Common responses to diversity
  • Equity issues in our schools
  • Teachers’ changing views of race
  • Highlights from the UnityWorks Program
  • Sample training activities and resources

We were pleased to be a small part of this inspiring event, with its theme of "E Pluribus Unum" - "Out of many, one."