UnityWorks was honored to be part of an amazing lineup of speakers from around the country, including award-winning authors, artists, actors, journalists, filmmakers, government leaders, students and professors.

​​UnityWorks Board members Lorenzo Alvarado and Randie Gottlieb presented a very well-received talk on "Teaching Unity: Educating School Teachers about the Oneness of Humankind." Our live online presentation focused on: 

  • ​​Common responses to diversity
  • Equity issues in our schools
  • Teachers’ changing views of race
  • Highlights from the UnityWorks Program
  • Sample training activities and resources

We were pleased to be a small part of this inspiring event, with its theme of "E Pluribus Unum" - "Out of many, one."

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UnityWorks presents at the National Race Amity Conference, November 2020

"Teaching Unity: Educating School Teachers about the Oneness of Humankind"

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Session participants included teachers, librarians, parents and community leaders from Boston, California, Chicago, Florida and other parts of the U.S. A few of their comments are included below:

  • ​Powerful truths! 
  • I feel so encouraged about how we can reach children and teachers!
  • Uplifting presentation!
  • Very inspired!
  • Thank you both for bringing this wonderful program to us.
  • We will share what we learned with many others.
  • Positive energy!
  • Truly outstanding!
  • I hope you will take this program throughout our country.
  • Unity works!

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