Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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Our third online workshop was first held in April with a full house, and again in June at the request of a nearby school district that hopes to eventually train every staff and faculty member on this essential topic. 

“Thank you for giving us hope and tools to be the "Change" our society needs.”​

Sarita Williams, Principal

Meridian Middle School

Presenters ROCK!!!

Thank you all for being amazing facilitators.
You put together an awesome workshop.
Thank you for speaking honestly and from your hearts.

Excellent information! I was surprised and learned a lot.
Very informative and interesting. Inspiring and enlightening!
This should be a mandatory workshop for educators!
Thank you for the opportunity to Learn, Share, Grow in a Safe Space!
Excited to start moving this forward!

Culture & Communication Workshop: February 2021

All 27 participants rated the workshop "high" or "very high" for relevance and quality. A few of their comments are listed below. 

Activities included live polls, communication exercises, video clips, readings, breakout discussions, and sharing of personal cultural objects. Participants also had an opportunity to meet with their school team to reflect on next steps & implementation of the learning. Their final comments have been compiled into this word cloud -->.

Participants were enthusiastic about their experience:

*  Awesome class. Very well presented and very engaging.
*  I love the safe/brave space that you both created for all of us.
*  A lot to think about and I will [now] always ask

   who is not at the table.
*  Appreciate all the content, history, and discussions.
*  I enjoyed our time together and learned a lot!
*  Eye opening, thought provoking, honest, collaborative,

   refreshing, meaningful and necessary.
*  Definitely can see that we can make positive changes

   and create a world family in our schools.
*  Can't wait to update my equity team on this work

   and support our staff in the coming years.

Another Workshop on RACE: Kent School District, August 2021

Co-facilitators: Dr. Randie Gottlieb, Dr. Daudi Abe, Julia L. Moran 


After the final session today, do you think there’s at least one thing you can do to advance the work of racial justice in your school or community?

__27_ YES    ___ NO

Another inspiring online workshop! Thanks to the Kent School District for making all the arrangements, to the

participants for their valuable contributions to the discussion, and to our hard-working UnityWorks Team (on left).

More great ideas from our UnityWorks site teams

The Reality of Race Workshop: April & June 2021

"The entire workshop was excellent, and I highly recommend it! I thought the program developers and facilitators have truly understood how to break down the topic of race with facts, all the while highlighting the importance of (and demonstrating themselves) thoughtfulness, acknowledgement, and respect. Anchoring this program is a true understanding of how to start and continue conversations about race. Bravo Team UnityWorks!"

Dr. Candace Veecock, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics/ELT
University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

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​​Our second online workshop was sold out with 35 educators enrolled! Participants included principals, teachers, school counselors, parapros and other staff

from districts across Washington State.