Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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UnityWorks gave a well-received presentation about our efforts to the over 300 people who attended our session. It was truly inspiring to learn about the good work of other individuals and organizations as well. We are not alone!

Sample comments from the participants:

"Wonderful presentation!" - Joyce Olinga

"What powerful work." - Bart Shull

"Extraordinarily beautiful." - Gene Marie Kennedy

"Thank you for your tireless efforts." Yosi Mesbah

Culture & Communication Workshop: October 2021

Additional participant comments:

"This was incredibly supportive and filled with so many resources and opportunities to learn. Fantastic team..."

"This has been a safe, supportive and meaningful workshop. I feel like I can walk away with concrete next steps to create a more culturally responsive classroom. I highly recommend it to anyone and feel it should be a mandatory training for educators."

"A most informative, easy to navigate, pleasant experience. When compared to other workshops with a similar theme, I could give this 10/10 except I don't give out 'A's. Loved it."

"Thank you ALL so much! I can't wait for the January workshop! This was such a positive experience!!"

Jamie Shores
Community Engagement Manager
United Way of Central Washington

“Thank you so much for an awesome presentation on Friday. It was exactly what we were looking for and just amazing!”

​​UnityWorks was pleased to prepare this presentation on Racism and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) for "Risk to Resiliency" - a community-based organization. Topics included:

•  What is race and how many races are there?
•  How do we learn racial prejudice?
•  Racism in our classrooms and communities

•  Microaggressions and color blindness

•  The school-to-prison pipeline

•  Causes and consequences of racial trauma
•  Ways to promote resilience and healing

"These sessions (September and October) have been so wonderful.  They have felt so warm and safe and heartfelt. Above all, I feel like I learned leaps and bounds more than I have in the past and I feel prepared to be a more culturally responsive teacher. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!"

Jessica Lester

4th Grade Dual Language English Teacher
Neely O'Brien Elementary School

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Race, Implicit Bias and Childhood Trauma: August 2021

"Bridge to Oneness" Conference: December 2021

Featuring 109 efforts from around the country to reduce prejudice and to promote unity

“UnityWorks has been conducting online trainings with KSD. I have participated in two of their workshops and I cannot recommend them enough. Of any trainings related to diversity, culture, inclusion, race, etc. - their classes are exceptional. They work very hard to create a safe space where participants can have difficult discussions that don't feel judgmental or preachy. Much of their approach seems to be an open dialog that invites self-reflection and a willingness to make small impactful changes.”

Lailanie Richmond, Paraeducator

Jenkins Creek Elementary School

​​UnityWorks was privileged to deliver this 6-hour training for educators from the Kent School District.

Topics included:

•  What is culture?
•  Key elements of deep and surface culture
•  Cultural differences and communication style

•  Experiences of mainstream and marginalized students

•  Culturally responsive teaching and practice