Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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A dedicated group of 40 educators gathered for an intensive week-long UnityWorks training in August. Participants came

from 15 different K-12 schools, including teachers, principals, librarians, migrant specialists, parapros, counselors, community members and one 10th-grade student! 

We considered a variety of topics including race and racism, stereotypes in society today, overcoming prejudice, creating a culture of inclusion, the value of diversity and the need for unity. We were moved to laughter and tears by our “My Story" speakers. On the final day, groups took turns sharing key concepts from the course through creative presentations utilizing art, music, drama, poetry and dance. Each school team also began work on its Diversity Action Plan for the coming year.

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Trainers and guest speakers: ​Randie Gottlieb, Malii Brown, Lorenzo Alvarado, Karen Loreno, Katrina Walsey, Alan Matsumoto, Zuky Alvarado

Summer Training Institute, Yakima, WA, August 2017

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