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No Room in My Heart for Prejudice

Roosevelt Elementary school created a “Unity Wall” which included this display on “No Room in My Heart for Prejudice.” Here, librarian Leigh Lohrasbi & school counselor Lupita Mason add photos of every staff member and student to the wall.

The Roosevelt UnityWorks Team also organized a classroom‐based art and essay competition, inviting students to explain what "No room in my heart for prejudice" means to them. 

In a letter to staff, Principal Dan Williams explains: “We continue to educate our students year‐long in the understanding that although we are physically and culturally different, we can learn to respect each other since we are all part of the same race: human. Teachers, you are our best hope to make a difference in each classroom. If we change the lives of even one student, it is worth it.”

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UnityWorks Photo Gallery, p.8

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More great ideas from our UnityWorks site teams