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Library Panel Discussion on Race & Racism 

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Photo courtesy of Krystal Corbray of the Yakima Valley Library

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Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

Panelists from left to right: Mr. David Morales, Attorney with the Northwest Justice Project and Vice Chair of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs; Dr. Randie Gottlieb, Executive Director of the UnityWorks Foundation; 
Dr. Rodrigo F. Renteria-Valencia, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Central Washington University.

A well-attended panel discussion on "Race & Racism" was organized

by the Yakima Valley Library in collaboration with the Yakima Herald-Republic on March 12, 2019.

The three panelists addressed the following questions:

* Why, in 2019, is this conversation about race and racism still needed?
* Why do conversations about race make people uncomfortable?

* Does racism exist in our valley and if so, what are some examples?

* Do you think a post-racial America, where prejudice, discrimination

   and racial biases no longer exist, is even possible?

* If not, what is preventing us, and if so, how do we get there?