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The full potential of the UnityWorks Training is realized when

a school district adopts the Program, and appoints a liaison

who can offer encouragement and support to the site teams

as they implement their Diversity Action Plans. 

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Local Coordination

​​The liaison oversees the development of the UnityWorks Program in that district, supervising the school teams and ensuring that the Program is officially integrated into district goals, priorities, calendars and assessment plans.

UnityWorks will provide the liaison with guidance and materials, and will be available for ongoing consultation and support. Each school or district is also asked to provide a small budget of $1,000 directly to each site team to support its Diversity Action Plan.

Program Costs and Benefits

We are currently reviewing our UnityWorks School Program. Please contact us for the latest information on costs and benefits.

Benefits include:
* Ongoing assistance to the district, through its liaison.
Discounted training rates with priority registration.
Free quarterly newsletter with new resources and events.
Opportunity to participate in any online video conferences.
Access to our “members only” exclusive online content.
A copy of our School Climate Survey at 20% off.

For more information about the UnityWorks Program,

or to download an application, click on the links below:

Download > UnityWorks School Program
Download > District Application Form

Site Team Requirements

  • Each team needs at least four members representing different stakeholders in the organization—including one administrator. (See district application form for details.)
  • Teams must attend the UnityWorks Training Institute where they will develop a Diversity Action Plan.
  • Each team will meet regularly to carry out its plan, and will submit brief feedback on its progress.

UnityWorks School Program Overview

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A Collaborative Network

We believe that building local capacity, and a team approach within a larger network of support, are critical for fostering sustainable change. ​

Program Goals

​Our goals are to increase equity and reduce prejudice, promote culturally-responsive teaching, close achievement and opportunity gaps, foster an inclusive school culture,

and encourage positive multicultural change.

Building Capacity

Involvement in the Program begins with an action-packed, highly-interactive, five-day Training Institute designed to prepare you and your work team with the knowledge, tools, strategies and resources needed to design and carry out an effective Diversity Action Plan.

Grassroots Approach

Rather than asking teams to implement a set curriculum or standardized multicultural directives from above, UnityWorks fosters a grassroots approach that empowers

each team to create its own blueprint for change.

Program Organization

1.  Site Team: Designs and implements a Diversity

     Action Plan for its own school or organization.

2.  Local Coordinator: Supervises the local program

     and serves as a liaison to UnityWorks.

3.  UnityWorks Foundation: Provides training, tools,

     resources and ongoing support.

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For more information, contact:
Heather Hudson  

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