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Photos courtesy of Jessica Kerr

This annual five-day professional learning event, held in Washington State (USA), is designed to prepare educators with the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to promote racial  justice, to improve school culture and student learning, and to design and carry out a successful Diversity Action Plan.

For WA State Educators

House Bill 1541 mandates the development of "cultural competency training" for K-12 school personnel as a key strategy for closing the educational opportunity gap.  

OSPI indicates that the UnityWorks Training is one option

for responding to HB 1541, and we are “encouraged

to reach out directly to school districts that may be interested in the program.”

In addition, the Teacher Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP) recommends that all teachers and principals include topics related to TPEP in their clock hours and/or professional growth plans. (See Principal Criteria # 1, 2, 3, 8, and Teacher Criteria # 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and how our Training Institute aligns with those criteria.)

Training evaluation summaries are available here.

"Words cannot adequately describe how phenomenal

the UnityWorks workshop was. It was such an amazing week.

I learned so much and am still processing new insights and understandings. The work you are doing is truly transformational!"


- Jessica Kerr, Director, Cultivating Capacities, Colorado

What People Are Saying

Participants Mary Looney, Teacher, Yakama Nation Tribal School,
and Ernesto Araiza, Principal, Wilson Middle School​

​​​​​The Need

With our nation’s largely white, middle class teaching force, an increasingly diverse student population, and a society becoming ever more fractured and polarized by a rising tide of prejudice and hate, there is a critical need to provide educators of all colors with training, tools and support in order to effectively address the diversity issues in our classrooms and schools, and to strengthen the commitment to our American ideals.

Who Should Attend?

The training is designed for teams of educators

at all levels, including school board directors,

superintendents, principals, teachers and teacher educators, college staff and faculty, counselors, librarians, early learning providers, parents and community leaders. Individuals are also welcome.

Clock Hours
35 WA State continuing education clock

hours are available for $3/clock hour. 

Some Training Topics

​To download a more detailed list, click here.

* Key Multicultural Concepts and Vocabulary
* Dimensions of Diversity
* Culture and Communication
* U.S. Historical Context, Laws and Policies
* Stereotypes in Society Today

* Prejudice: Causes, Consequences and Cures
* Multiple Perspectives in the Curriculum
* The Reality of Race

* The Power of Language
​​* Achievement and Opportunity Gaps
* Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
* School Discipline & the School-to-Prison Pipeline
* Culturally Responsive Teaching
​* Diversity Challenges at Our School
* Stages of Organizational Development
* Creating a Culture of Inclusion
* Diversity Action Plans

​Training Methods

The UnityWorks training is action-packed and hands-on. It includes icebreakers and warm-ups, demonstrations and role plays, group discussion, storytelling, art, music, poetry, movement activities, journaling and personal reflection, as well as time for socializing and food. Participants not only read about best practices and instructional methods, but experience them as well. 

In addition, daily guest speakers serve to personalize the training content by sharing stories and answering questions about their own lives.

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