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Online Version

You may add an online version of the Survey to your organization's Google Drive for no additional charge. This will make it easier for participants to take the survey, and for you to collect the data. It will also save trees!

To access the online version, after purchasing the survey, send us a signed copy of your survey license. We will grant you permission to upload, edit and share the survey with staff, students and parents. Special thanks to Julie Mushing, Diversity Coordinator for Kent ISD, Michigan, for making the survey accessible online.

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Download Information

Before downloading, please read the Site License carefully. By clicking the “Buy Now” button, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Your receipt is your license. Please list the School, District or Agency name for the "ship to" information.​ The surveys and cover letters are included in PDF format as well as Microsoft Word for easy editing. The zip file will download to the bottom of this window unless you have specified another download location. (35 pages)

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"It was great to be able to take your tools and put them into a format that is easy for our districts to use, edit, and compile!"​

Julie Mushing, Diversity Coordinator
Kent ISD, Michigan

"The survey itself was very informative and educational for our staff."

"It helped tremendously with staff buy-in to multicultural education."
"​It is affecting everything we’re doing in a more conscious way."
"Just doing this survey has already made positive changes in our school."

What People Are Saying
Site License
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Survey Site License Agreement.
Survey Results

Once collected, the data can be tabulated and analyzed by the school or district,

and if desired, disaggregated by ethnicity, sex, language or other variables. 

In addition, the open-ended responses should be grouped by common themes, summarized, and a final report prepared. Survey results can be shared with participating schools and used to highlight successes and identify areas for improvement.

Survey Use

The Survey was originally developed as part of a three-year research study to determine the effectiveness of a diversity program at selected middle schools. It can easily be adapted for high school and college levels as well. The survey can be employed as a one-time “temperature check.” It can also be utilized to measure change by conducting a baseline study prior to the implementation of the UnityWorks or other multicultural program, with follow-up studies at the end of years 1, 2 and 3.  

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Survey Contents

The package includes staff and student questionnaires, sample cover letters, instructions for administering the surveys, focus group questions, parent interview questions in English and Spanish, and an example of survey results. Answer sheets are not included.

The staff survey has 77 questions on a 5-point Likert scale, plus three open-ended questions, and takes about 45 minutes to complete. The student survey has 31 questions plus several open-ended ones, and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Survey Sample
Click here to preview a Survey sample before making a decision to purchase. All download sales are final.
Schools and districts that have used these materials report that:

The survey questions

may be modified

to suit local needs.

School Climate Survey

Currently unavailable. Please check back later.

This ready-made Survey is designed for use by state departments of education, school districts and local schools. It includes questions on school culture, curriculum and instruction, classroom materials, after-school activities ​and parent involvement, as well as student-student and student-teacher interactions.