Dr. Cynthia Rekdal, Executive Director
Washington State Association for Multicultural Education

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In classrooms around the world

"I really love the way your teaching materials are organized. They are

so practical. As a teacher it is wonderful to have all the pieces you need ready to pick up and teach. The worksheets are there, the art activities are there, and the games, all with really clear instructions. It is definitely

a book that goes way beyond just theory and gives teachers the tools they actually need to create powerful learning experiences in their classrooms. Thank you so much for your efforts to create and promote these materials on a theme that is desperately needed in the world today.”

​Cheryl Shoaie Baker

Nur University, Bolivia

This easy-to-use curriculum package contains a treasury ​of fun, hands-on learning activities for ages 8-12. Easily adaptable for older and younger children as well. Topics include: Unity, Diversity, Skin Color and Overcoming Prejudice. ​The lessons are ideal for academic classes, after-school clubs, Saturday or Sunday schools, weekend retreats and summer camps. 

James Williams, Former Executive Producer of “The World Today” a local PBS affiliate international affairs program

Teaching Unity is a high, waving banner being raised in the name of the oneness

of mankind – not optional learning,

but the very path of human destiny.

“Dr. Randie Gottlieb’s 300 page book is a treasure trove of activities for parents, grandparents and teachers.

I highly recommend it."

"This most welcome book includes clearly written, well organized, detailed lessons, activities, children’s performances and retreats – all tested with students. Gottlieb states: “This book is about hope…to help prepare our children for life as citizens in a global society….” Teaching Unity clearly hits its mark on that account and more.”

Dr. Elizabeth L. Bowen, M.D., 
Co-Representative to the United Nations
International Society of Doctors for the Environment

Teaching Unity was honored in 2013 as an IP Notable by Independent Publisher Magazine, which called it “a title of distinction" "as important as the ABCs and the 123s.”  And in May 2014, Teaching Unity was named a Finalist in the Education/Academic category for both the Next Generation Book Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards. 

by Dr. Randie Gottlieb


  • Our 300-page teacher’s guide with step-by-step lesson plans

  • Four colorful PowerPoints for use with children & youth
  • ​Ready-to-print student handouts for each lesson
  • Craft patterns with detailed instructions and illustrations
  • Plans for a Children’s Unity Camp and final performance
  • Editable event fliers, programs and registration forms
  • Download with 45 color photos of our global human family

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Judge Dorothy W. Nelson 
​​U.S. Federal Court of Appeals

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"I have had time to thoroughly read your magnificent book on Teaching Unity. It is a book that should be adopted throughout the United States. The content, art work, handouts,

music, craft projects, and plans for a camp

are exceptional.  ​Warmest congratulations on this important contribution to bringing about 

​the unity of mankind."

Teaching Unity Toolkit



Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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