​Sue Walker, Ph.D.

Middle School Teacher

Seattle, WA, USA

"An amazing organization with tools to help us begin to heal the divisions among us from prejudice and racism." 

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​Malii Brown 

Intercultural Trainer & Consultant

Chicago, IL, USA 

"A competent, creative and people-centered approach to equity and inclusion. It's all in the name: UnityWorks." 

Roya Bauman, Ph.D.

Bookkeeper, Singer-Musician

Maryland, ​USA 

​"Fantastic organization, helping to transform the world one heart at a time!" 

Amber Shevin

Programs Manager

Pencils of Promise

Ghana, Africa

"This has the potential to be a game changer!"

Dr. Marisol Rodrizuez-Price

Associate Dean, College of Ed.

​Heritage University, ​USA 

"I visited your webpage and began downloading the PPTs. The material you have there is fantastic! I am always on the search for materials I can share with my Teachers and Teacher Candidates and I can see these resources as valuable additions to my class repertoire." 

​​Belete Worku

Community Educator


“I want every information you have...to start a Unity School here in Namibia. You may know that the South African Apartheid legacy of racism...is still apparent everywhere and with your teaching programs, God willing, I will do more service to unite people…”


​Elizabeth L. Bowen, M.D.

Co-Representative to

the United Nations
International Society of

Doctors for the Environment 

“Dr. Randie Gottlieb’s 300 page book is a treasure trove of activities for parents, grandparents and teachers...I highly recommend it.”

Ludwig Tuman


Choral Tales Project

"This wonderful program is a contribution to be celebrated, surely deserving of universal support and use. What could be more vital than to nurture human unity in the hearts of the young?"  

Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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