Promoting the Oneness of Humanity

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​​Belete Worku

Community Educator


“I want every information you have...to start a Unity School here in Namibia. You may know that the South African Apartheid legacy of racism...is still apparent everywhere and with your teaching programs, God willing, I will do more service to unite people…”

Roya Bauman, Ph.D.

Bookkeeper, Singer-Musician

Maryland, ​USA 

​"Fantastic organization, helping to transform the world one heart at a time!" 

Amber Shevin

Programs Manager

Pencils of Promise

Ghana, Africa

"This has the potential to be a game changer!"

Ludwig Tuman


Choral Tales Project

"This wonderful program is a contribution to be celebrated, surely deserving of universal support and use. What could be more vital than to nurture human unity in the hearts of the young?"  

Dr. Marisol Rodrizuez-Price

Associate Dean, College of Ed.

​Heritage University, ​USA 

"I visited your webpage and began downloading the PPTs. The material you have there is fantastic! I am always on the search for materials I can share with my Teachers and Teacher Candidates and I can see these resources as valuable additions to my class repertoire." 

​Elizabeth L. Bowen, M.D.

Co-Representative to

the United Nations
International Society of

Doctors for the Environment 

“Dr. Randie Gottlieb’s 300 page book is a treasure trove of activities for parents, grandparents and teachers...I highly recommend it.”

​Sue Walker, Ph.D.

Middle School Teacher

Seattle, WA, USA

"An amazing organization with tools to help us begin to heal the divisions among us from prejudice and racism." 

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​Malii Brown 

Intercultural Trainer & Consultant

Chicago, IL, USA 

"A competent, creative and people-centered approach to equity and inclusion. It's all in the name: UnityWorks."