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From Somaya Hasan 

Community Children's Class Teacher

Entebbe, Uganda 

I can't believe it!  At my first children's class after receiving the Teaching Unity book, I started by explaining what does "Unity" mean, and then asked them one question:"From this meaning of unity, how can we benefit from unity in your opinion?" And their answers were, one child after another:

1- We get good friendships.
2- We talk together and solve problems that face us.
3- Fighting and war among us become reduced. 
4- We love and help each other.
5- We feel secure.

6- We develop capacity for learning and understand things better.
7- We can pray together and get God's blessings. ​
8- We can play together and have fun.​

​My conclusion is that we cannot underestimate the
​degree of children's responses to what they are taught!

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